Social Media AU - Jealous!Lydia + iMessage

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AU -When Stiles dies, Lydia goes out of her mind, unable to move on from him. She sees him everywhere she turns, she smells his old clothes and she stays awake each night, her mind cluttered with memories of him. Her friends urge her to move on, but she knows the reason she can’t: she was and still is in love with him.

stydia social media au + baby stilinski

Stydia AUWhen it comes to the supernatural in bacon Hills, Stiles and Lydia were ready for everything. But they were not ready when one stormy night, the jeep they were driving in crashed.
And when Lydia woke up, she was not ready to find out Stiles didn’t.


stydia au:
  ↳  When Lydia sees Stiles kissing a girl, she gets jealous and asks Allison a favor.

This plan is stupid and we’re going to die.



Gorunce aklima direk Dylan geldi. Yanlis hatirlamiyosam Italya’da giymisti bunu djxhxjxjxjx




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